Review – The Broken One

To single mum Heather, her adopted daughter Ava is everything. So when Ava loses her favourite stuffed animal Wolfie, she posts a social post offering a reward to whoever returns the stuffie. She did not expect that person to be just so gorgeous. But what makes her reach out to him is the sorrow in his eyes when he looks at Ava.
Sebastian, the man standing at her door returning Wolfie, has lost his wife and his unborn child five years ago in an accident. Since then he’s lived for the family business and he’s not sure whether he’s ready to give love another chance. But the beautiful and warm single mum and her adorable daughter might just be able to change his mind about love.

Thanks to Montlake Romance and NetGalley for this review copy!

When I first read a book by Ruth Cardello (Das Dienstmädchen des Milliardärs/Maid for the Billionaire) I did quite like it even though it wasn’t the best love story I’ve ever read. I especially didn’t like the 50 Shades of Grey-thing it had going in the beginning. But the blurb of The Broken One sounded really good, so why not give the author another try? And this time I was not disappointed.

One of the best things about this book is actually not a „thing“: it’s Ava. Heathers adopted daughter is one of the most adorable children ever. I also liked that she wasn’t just a way of getting the whole story started and then be pushed to the side, always being looked after by people other than her mother. In The Broken One, Ava is actually quite often getting in the way, delaying dates and makes Heather’s life that much more complicated.

The family generally plays an important role, both in Heather’s and Sebastian’s lives. Heather tries to raise Ava in an environment as happy as possible even though the contact with her own family is not very good. Sebastian, on the other hand, has a big and loving family that supports him. He is still struggling with the fact that his wife and unborn child died but at the same time really cares for the little family unit of Heather and Ava.

I really liked that Sebastian and Heather actually talked to each other. When they realize that they’ve made a mistake they apologize and talk it over. But they also discuss topics like their hopes and wishes, their pasts.
In addition, this book is really funny in this awkward, blurbing-out-whatever-is-going-through-one’s-mind way. And in the same way, Heather and Sebastian talk about sex which often makes things embarrassing. However, I’m a big fan of talking about sex in whichever way works best for the couple so that’s a big plus in this book.

All in all, I’ve got to admit that I am quite surprised how well I liked this book. Heather and Sebastian, as well as other people in the book, were really likeable, Ava is a pleasure to read about and it’s quite funny.

„[…] I thouht there was a right way and a wrong way. […] Eventually I realized that the only right way is the one I can live with. And the only wrong one is the one my heart cannot tolerate.“

Camilla Romano (p. 183)

About Ruth Cardello:
Cardello was born on Rhode Island as the youngest of 11 children. She spent her teenage years in cities around the globe before moving back to Rhode Island. For 20 years she worked as an educator, 11 of those years as a kindergarten teacher. When jobs were being cut, she turned to full-time writing.
Up until now, she has published more than 40 books.
While she’s not writing, she’s looking after her children or the small farm they live at.
Sources: Amazon & Cardellos website


Paperback: ISBN 978-1-54200-9-706 | 9,99€
Kindle-Edition: ASIN B07PSG2X9J | 4,99€
Audiobook: ISBN 978-1-97869-1-278 | 16,50€
251 pages | published 2019

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